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"She's still in love with Jack, but Jack doesn't want to get involved with her. So she took control of the network of electronic computers to coerce Jack to contact her. Is it clear?""Wait. Assemble the target entity, the target entity state machine: Lisa......"Artificial intelligence in the determination of Lisa, I and the network appeared a short crash. Depending on the existing conditions and Lisa's psychological survey data, it is necessary to construct a machine entity in its mind."Finished."nike air max official website "Good. What would happen if Jack told Lisa that he could not love her and wanted her to give up the Internet?"

"Unable to predict the lack of information in the emotional state, please specify the situation."In order to finally get an answer, I spent the whole night to describe the pressure and burden of life, as well as the encounter with Lisa. These machines don't understand."Unable to predict the response in principle. The emotional state is extremely upset.""You've been trying so hard, man?"nike air max official website "Yes, a vain night."

"No progress?""I can't say that. At least for now, we know that she is unpredictable."It was sunny in the morning, and Carlos and I were sitting in Lisa's kitchen, drinking hot coffee. A moderate amount of caffeine makes my tired nervous system look sharp again.Martin Haccourt, executive vice president of research and development in the Department of artificial intelligence. His office is enough to show his worth. Surrounded by dark plastic and chromium alloy devices, air conditioning from time to time to smell the fresh air max official website Haccourt sat behind his desk in casual clothes. He turned his back on me when I went in. A bundle of fibers and quantum wires winding from the back to the shirt collar.

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