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nike air max 9 Red Hot Offers Fill you cart with savings

When the angular velocity is increased by seventeen times, the objects and people on the equator lose their weight.That night, there was a terrible news on the radio: in the wake of the ever increasing centrifugal force, there were several incidents of head to toe in equatorial Africa and the americas. Before long, from the equator came more frightening news, the threat of suffocation."This is the centrifugal force that is peeling the air off the earth, and the gravity of the earth can no longer keep it in its original position." Professor Wagner explained calmly."Doesn't that mean that we can't escape suffocation at all?" I asked air max 9 He shrugged his shoulders without any bother.

The old man smiled and said, "is that what she said? If she says so, I think you can come, if you like. I don't think you can find it anywhere. I can take you there."Frederic finally looked at the trees planted in the garden, put his clothes over his head and said: "well, I'll go with you." He is treading over, good wet their clothes, and so on, is not dry, put clothes on. The old man stood up and walked slowly towards Frederic.He took out a piece of black bread from his pocket and said, "my child, it will make you feel better."Frederic took the bread and said, "thank you very much, sir." Then he took a bite. He was chewing bread, only to feel hungry. The old man said to him, "come with me. There's a way through there." He stumbled through a small piece of oak tree and went deep into the woods. Frederic followed him air max 9 The old man walked in. The vine leaves Montreal, woods, Frederic sped up, afraid not. The old man began to walk, singing softly, his eyes kept on the woods.

They walked for a while, after a few streams. Has been to the marsh, Frederic has never been so far. He knows what it would be like if someone thought he wanted to run away. Leave the Jieken manor so far, Frederic felt nervous. He stopped and shouted to the old man, "where are we going? I don't think there's any way."The old man stopped, his eyes still kept looking at four times. He turned and looked at Frederic and said, "we're going to the clearing. We have to go through the old forest to get there."As soon as he turned around, he went on his way and sang loudly. This song, Frederic has never heard, also do not understand. But he could feel that it was an unusual song, quite different from the songs he had heard before. As they walked, the trees began to change. But after a mile or so, Frederic noticed the change.Oak and nut trees are replaced by green algae and palm trees. The ground is also more and more lush. Frederic is getting hotter and hotter. He took off his shirt and wiped the sweat from his face. It was not like the woods he had seen before; it was like a new air max 9 At this moment, the old man in front of him, looking around warily, said to Frederic, "we are coming, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the drums."

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