nike air air max 90 Shop Styles and Varieties of 2017 Sale Outlet


nike air air max 90 Shop Styles and Varieties of 2017 Sale Outlet

I didn't reveal that I was happy. "Um. What are you selling today?"The monk picked up a squeaky black plastic frame. It looks a bit familiar.The accusation of the cork is all you have?""The line of Orion" Author: Stephen Baxternike air air max 90 Shao Limin translation

"Orion" was nominated for the Hugo prize in 2001 and in the same year as the "Science Fiction Magazine of the year" by the readers of the year in the year of the year of the year of the year of the. This is a typical example of what we call "hard science fiction", a civilization that describes a cold world, a way of changing the fundamental constants of the universe, to stop the expansion of human beings from the other spiral arms of the Milky way galaxy. The scene of the novel is magnificent, the plot is wonderful, and the technical content is rich, especially the description of the material form after changing the cosmological constant is very interesting.-- Liu Cixin"The glorious life of a short life," the number of troops away from the big. We're tracking a Wraith cruiser, approaching it."Brilliant" life capsule is transparent. The captain of the ship was sitting in her chair, her officers in charge of their own equipment, and some of the lower ones, like me, were only floating in the air. Some faint light in the cabin, it is near a hot young star clusters, light, shining stars outline what we left the fleet profile. But the distance is the star light, the Orion defense - one thousand light year long, six thousand light-years from earth, is a road extending along the Orion Arm of the inner edge of the front. The explosion of a star is happened many years ago in this campaign left by air air max 90 The Wraith cruiser went through space and returned to their land without running far. The cruiser like with the silver cords into the egg, hundreds of ghost was attached to a rope, you can see them slide to slide on top, so exposed in a vacuum, but without the slightest impact.

The ghost's destination was an ancient yellow dwarf star, Parr, a good temper of the bachelor - according to the characteristics of this constant star that is a fortress star. Our ships are getting closer, and now even if you're not a bachelor, you can see that it's a fortress. On the "glory" I can see with the naked eye the specter of the stars around the set up a pale blue fence - prop up the network structure - up to five hundred thousand km.I have a lot of time to watch this, because I'm a sailor, fifteen years old.My responsibilities on the ship are not clear. Anyway, as long as someone needs help, I'll help. Mainly in the fight to do before the basic physical examination. The only sailor who was still working was Heller, who was picking up the vomit left by Parr. The bachelor is the only people on the bridge.See the "brilliant" on the action is not the simulation exercises that the atmosphere calm, calm and quiet, you can hear the whisper of the crew, only the sounds of working and circulating air flow hissing. It is no exaggeration to say that it is as quiet as a operation air air max 90 A soft alarm sounded on the ship.

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