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He turned to the blackboard, as usual, thinking and drawing. When he turned around, a student asked his fellow students, "what does it mean to be away?"" The students pointed at the blackboard and said "listen - listen."They soon understood.In the evening, the new star rises later, as it turns out to be the eastward movement through Leo, turning to virgo. But it is so bright, when it rose, a flamboyant make the sky blue, countless constellation has been covered by strong light irradiation, it disappeared, a. Only Jupiter in the zenith, can also be a charioteer Capella, Taurus Aldebaran, Sirius and Ursa Major pointers. The new star is white and beautiful. That night, people in many parts of the world were found to have a green halo around it. It's obviously bigger. In the clear sky of the equator, it seems to have 1/4 of the moon. In the UK, the ground is white frost, the sky seems to be midsummer night, ordinary people can read newspapers in the bright starlight, city lights are yellow, dark.That night, people all over the world didn't sleep. The church bell, called on the people to the church to pray. As the earth spins on its orbit, and the night is passing, this ominous star is getting bigger and brighter and nike roshe run The warning of the master of mathematics has been sent to the world by telegraph and translated into hundreds of languages. The streets and houses of all the cities are brightly lit, and the docks are lit up like the day, and the traffic lights of the city and the countryside are all bright. Nova and Neptune in the fiery embrace contracted, rapidly spinning faster and faster, to come to the sun. The mass of the material that shines through the heavens and the earth has reached a speed of 100 miles per second, and the terrifying speed is increasing. At present it is 1 million miles away from the earth in the space, so there is no impact on the earth. But the attraction between the hot star and the largest planet in the planet is becoming more and more apparent. What will be the result of this attraction? Inevitably, Jupiter will deviate from its orbit and into an elliptical path, a burning star, influenced by Jupiter's gravity, and rushed to change the direction of the sun, the route will arc, they may collide with our earth. At least, it will be very close to the earth. So the master of mathematics predicted: "earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, and temperatures will rise to the limits of what I can't tell."

On the top of the head, the star that brought disaster to the people was burning in the lonely, cold, furious, as if to confirm the accuracy of his prophecy.That night, people staring at the stars, look at the eyes are sore. Apparently, it's getting closer. The climate changed that night. All over Europe, France and the United States are melting in the frost.But, don't you think the whole world is scared by the star. In fact, the forces of habit still dominate the world, and nine of the ten people are busy with their daily work, apart from their leisure and leisure time. In the small city, only a few stores according to the specified time the original business, and the doctor do funeral were engaged in their own work; workers work; soldiers drill; scholars; lovers pursue each other; the thief fled west east hide; politicians planning trick; completely ringing printing machine the church; many priests, unwilling to open the sacred temple to increase the atmosphere of panic.The newspaper to remind everyone to learn reassuring to 1000 AD experience - because people had predicted the end of the world at that time, the result is a false alarm. Now, the star is not a star, just a gas, a comet. If it is a star, it will not be able to attack the earth. This kind of thing, unprecedented. No matter where common sense are always despised failing too immutable and frozen, cautious and afeard nike roshe run That night, at 7:15 GMT, the star will be closest to jupiter. There, people all over the world will see things change. Many people take the master of mathematics as a stern warning, only as a carefully crafted ad, that he intends to expand his own influence. Although some people also took part in the debate, but later used to go to bed means indifferent. Common sense is stable. In underdeveloped areas of culture, people are only running for their own major events, the new things have been tired of. In addition to occasional ringing barking outside, also let the animal world star and presumptuous, no interest.

In any case, the people of Europe, after all, is to see the rise of the new star, which is an hour later than the previous night. But not bigger than the night before. Quite a few people have not slept, they laughed at the master of mathematics, that the danger has passed.But after a while, the laughter stopped. The star is growing, it is increasing in size, hour by hour, every hour, a little bigger, and closer to the zenith of the night, brighter and brighter, and even turning the night into aIn the memory of mankind, the Argentina coast and the South Pacific, the tide has never been so high. In many places, the storm drove the tide 20 miles inland, flooding the city. The temperature rose sharply overnight, so the sun came as a shadow. There was an earthquake and began to increase gradually throughout the americas.From the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn, slope collapse, rock cracking, collapse of houses and walls. Cotopaxi volcano of the entire side, fell in a series of strong earthquakes greatly, the chaos of the lava into the sky, so far, Huicheng heat, rolling stop, in a day is like a nike roshe run The moon down the mountain, close to the star, swept across the Pacific Ocean, as if dancing on the edge of a robe, all the way with the thunder storm. High waves, spitting foam, roll moving fast, more than an island, is an island, the island's residents are clean sweep. Finally, the billowing waves, the dazzling glare to the blind, with a melting pot like atmosphere, quickly threatening to asia. The waves like a wall up to 50 feet of water wall in the long coastline, a hungry roar. It crossed the Great Plains of China and entered the mainland. During this period, star than the sun power to heat, but also big, but also strong. The cruel flame, show the vast and rich countries.

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